Social Work Program

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What is curricular reform?

The curricular reform of the Social Work program is consolidated as a project that is part of a culture of continuous improvement, in dialogue with the social needs, the economic and productive sectors of the country, the institutional purposes and, fundamentally, with the profound transformations in the Colombian education system.

We invite, especially, the entire Academic Community of the program, to know the dispositions, norms and processes for a participative reform that responds to the contemporary scenarios of professional training in Social Work, facing the great challenges of an education with social sense and high quality.

What is quality in the Higher Education System?

According to Decree 1330 of 2019… it is the set of articulated, interdependent, dynamic attributes, built by the academic community as referents and that respond to social, cultural and environmental demands. These attributes allow internal and external assessments to be made to the institutions, in order to promote their transformation and the permanent development of their training, academic, teaching, scientific, cultural and extension work.

What is the Higher Education Quality Assurance System?

It is the set of institutions and instances defined by the current regulatory framework, which are articulated through policies and processes designed with the purpose of ensuring the quality of the institutions and their programs. This system promotes in the institutions the processes of self-evaluation, self-regulation and improvement of their formative, academic, teaching, scientific, cultural and extension work, contributing to the advancement and strengthening of their community and their academic results, under principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Within this system are… all institutions of higher education, the academic and scientific community in general, academic peers and all those entities involved in the development of higher education.

Work Team

About us

The quality node is the institutional body where central decisions are analyzed, debated and made regarding the quality assurance processes (creation/reform of programs, accreditation, self-evaluation for accreditation purposes, and qualified registration) based on official documents and contributions from the academic community in general. It is made up of the School Council (faculty and student representatives) and in specific cases, such as the curricular reform process, it has the participation of all faculty members.


  • Design, implement and follow up on the improvement plan resulting from accreditation.
  • Identify, design and implement strategies to support the academic quality assurance processes.
  • Guide the self-evaluation process for the purpose of accreditation or renewal of accreditation.
  • Guide the process of creation, reform and renewal of the qualified registration of the academic program.

Key Documents


Acuerdo 023 de 2022

Guía Transitoria Construcción PEP

Modelo Pedagógico

Plan de Desarrollo Institucional

Políticas Institucionales

Nacionales e Internacionales

Decreto 1330 de 2019

Formular e implementar Resultados de Aprendizaje

Lineamientos de Formación en Trabajo Social

Resolución 2265 de 2023

Resultados del MEN

Perspectivas Futuro de la Educación Superior 2050